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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two items of interest for fans of "Family Guy"

For those who've been reading Voice Actors in the News, you know that the main cast of "Family Guy" (Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Mike Henry and Seth Green) were recently interviewed on "Inside the Actor's Studio" this past Monday. As host James Lipton put it:

“I recommend seatbelts in your armchairs as the creator and cast of “Family Guy” assemble on our stage for a hilarious, irreverent look at themselves, each other, their characters and their spectacularly successful show. This is, quite simply, unlike any Inside the Actors Studio you’ve ever seen.”

Since I'm currently bombarded with a GSSP certification, I was unable to see Monday's broadcast of the interview. However there's going to be re-broadcast on the 20th, which I definitely plan on watching.

That's the first item of interest for all things "Family Guy" related. The second is this... Karl Rove is making a cameo appearance on the show. Details are a bit scant at the present, but that's the thing which makes this show such a hit with the audience; not only does the show go out of its way to be equal opportunity offender of pretty much everyone at some point (much like "South Park"), but they actually get the very people they're lampooning to take part in the comedy.

I can only imagine what MacFarlane and the rest of the writing staff have up their sleeve for Rove, but I'm sure that it'll be completely irreverent and enjoyable.

Hat tip to Voice Actors in the News for the first article.

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