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A man, a martini, and a lot of microphones.: Shauna Perry talks about voice over in SWTOR

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shauna Perry talks about voice over in SWTOR

What is SWTOR you ask? Well that part is simple, it's the new Lucas Arts MMORPG, StarWars: The Old Republic. But for all of the voice over folk out there, here's a little something which we don't often get, a blog post written by Shauna Perry. Shauna is the Director of Audio and Localization for SWTOR, and she goes into the process of voice acting from the writing to scripting to speaking.

I've got to say that what they're trying to do in SWTOR is nothing short of huge. The game is going to be fully voice acted which could mean a greater sense of involvement in what happens within the game. We're talking hundreds of voice actors being recorded in five major metro areas with enough copy to fill more than fourty novels. If that's not the definition of huge, then I don't know what is. The project is so big that they actually had to develop an audio pronunciation guide in order to deal with all the regionalisms and dialects that the talent brought to the project.

This is probably the largest commercially available voice over project ever produced, and you can read about it all right here.

This might be the one MMORPG that I actually find time out of my schedule to play, if for the voice over aspect alone...

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