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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Giving credit where it's due.

You know, there are times when I am happy to be proven wrong. This is one of them.

I'm talking about Voice123.

I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that I'm a staunch supporter. Anyone who reads my comments on other blogs and forums knows that I do my best to be objective, but I call it like I see it whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. Unfortunately, most of what we hear when it comes to customer comments or reviews are negative. It's how people are, so I wanted to make sure that I said this before it was forgotten.

The other day, I was doing some maintenance to my V123 account, and had run into some issues with the interface (it happens). More importantly though, I was trying to get a link from their site to mine (hey, I have a link to their site... it's only fair =-), but the V123 rules stated that the link had to be directly made to the page that links to their site. Based on that rule, I couldn't link my profile on their site to where I needed it to be on my site (I have a separate section for that kind of stuff). So I follow the process and then follow up with an e-mail explaining the situation and asking that the referral back be put at my site's homepage.

Frankly, I wasn't expecting much, nor was I expecting a response. It's not exactly within the "letter" of the law when it comes to the posted guideline, and it's such a minor item amongst the multitude of customer requests they get every day that I figured it'd get lost in the maelstrom of stuff that technical support staff are normally subjected to (long before embarking on my career, I'd worked in technical support, which is often an overwhelming job).

24 hours later I was surprised to see an e-mail in my inbox that was different than the others normally received by V123. It was a response from customer support identifying my request, and letting me know that the proper links had been made, even complimenting me on the site design and layout. The Voice 123 response was professional, but took the time to be personal as well.

I know that to most, these things are minor. When it's related to your site and your business, it's not. Such is the nature of things with running a business. My thanks to Julian for making my experience a pleasant one.

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