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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Martini Lounge

Sorry, but I couldn't resist since it's up on the artist's website:

In case you're wondering whether this sign is in the studio... you betcha!

I wouldn't have had it custom made otherwise. Sometimes, you just have to let your branding win out when it comes to the decoration in your studio.

On the flip side... I've no doubt that now I'll be stuck with a minor shrine to the Philadelphia Phillies when the time comes (which won't be long now... looking at houses as we speak). While I have some voice over memorabilia from the Phils, she's the sports nut.

I'm just nuts... =-)

BTW: for those wondering who the artist is, the studio sign came from the mind and talent of a very groovy individual by the name of Steve Cambronne.

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