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Friday, September 25, 2009

Anime Auction to Aid Injured Boy

This was originally posted over at the Funimation Update and I've been following it for the past few days, since it's gotten such interest from the anime crowd. Being acquainted with more than a few of the folks involved, I couldn't help but to post it here:

An online charity auction is being held to benefit a Minnesota family who has experienced a sudden and tragic event. Seven-year-old Ian Hoy was struck by a car when crossing the street and sustained serious injuries and brain trauma. Though he has made drastic improvement and is recovering, Ian has to re-learn just about everything. Of course, this situation has created significant financial strain on the family. The Hoys are close friends of Tiffany Grant (Asuka in Evangelion) so many people in the industry have taken notice of the family’s situation. The article over at Anime News Network goes into more detail, but I wanted to help pass along the word.

From ANN:

We have many fantastic items generously donated by FUNimation Entertainment, New Generation Pictures — courtesy of Jonathan Klein (Hellsing, 3×3 Eyes) — as well as a few things from Tiffany Grant’s personal collection. Thanks to Carrie Savage (Ikki Tousen, xxxHOLiC) and Clarine Harp (Burst Angel, Negima) who helped gather signatures. The sale started this past Sunday, September 20, at approximately 7pm CDT (GMT – 6hrs) and will run for one week. International bids are welcome. The auction is being hosted on eBay by Power Seller, Joe Grisaffi (Cyberteam in Akihabara, Saiyuki).

For a full list of items on auction, please follow this link:

For more details regarding the story please visit:

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