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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Directing the Voice-Over Actor

I am not a director, though I have played one on stage (and even received an award for it).

However, Vicki Amorose has recently written an article on Gamasutra that is specifically aimed at directors through the experiences and advice of voice actors such as JS Gilbert, Kevin Cooke, Diane Havens, and Bill Painter. This is a simple, but relatively straightforward approach for people to better understand what things your voice actor needs to know in order to give you the best performance. According the Vicki's article, it's broken down into three main point, with three subpoints each:

  1. Questions which must be answered for the Voice Over
  2. Types of Direction which the Voice Actor Hates
  3. Types of Direction which the Voice Actor Loves
If you've got the time for a quick read, the article can be found here.

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