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A man, a martini, and a lot of microphones.: Bringing the 3 Day VA Workshop to Katsucon 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bringing the 3 Day VA Workshop to Katsucon 2015


It's been a crazy couple of months everybody.  Crazy fun, crazy busy, crazy hectic... well, just crazy.

Unfortunately I was a louse and didn't put up anything yet from Ohayocon (but I will soon).  Let me put it to you this way, it was an awesome experience!  If you are in the Midwest and haven't been, then you don't know what you're missing!  Seriously.  I remember living out in the Midwest back in the 90s, and the anime community was still in its infancy.  Back then I don't think that anyone would have ever thought that two decades later that there would be over 17 thousand people attending an anime convention in that part of the country.  Big praise goes to the organizers and staff for pulling all of this together, and for that they have my thanks.

But back to the present... Bill and I have been given the opportunity to once again turn your Katsucon convention weekend into a fully interactive voice actor experience. We'll be on hand for three specially designed workshops which will give you an inside look at the voice acting industry.

Each day of the Katsucon weekend handles a new topic, and includes the following:

Friday 8-10PM: Audition workshop. Enjoy an authentic recreation of an animation audition. Watch actors perform sides in order to “land the role”.

Saturday 4-6PM: Scene study workshop. Actors that have made it past the audition phase will be given a scene to read with a partner, and will then be coached by industry professionals on ways to improve their performance.

Sunday 12:30-2:30PM: ADR workshop. The big show. Go inside a recreation of a dubbing session with a director and engineer as you watch our finalists create a vocal performance to be added to a piece of animation.

We invite all convention attendees to come and enjoy one, two or all three of our exciting workshops. Best of all, 18 participants will be selected to be our “actors” for the weekend. Want to be part of the magic? Send an email to BillAndGregVAworkshop@gmail.com and let us know if you will be available for all three workshops. Our lucky con-goers will be selected through a random lottery to participate in this fabulous event. You have until February 11th to send in your entry. Once selected, our participants will be contacted via email with more details about the event. Updates and additional info will also be posted on our Twitter feed at:


and on facebook at: facebook.com/3dayVA

****Remember, all three workshops are open to observe, but you must have availability open for ALL THREE EVENTS if you wish to be one of our select participants.****
Can’t make all three days? Don’t worry, we will still open the floor for audience Q&A at each session, plus there will be other fun audience participation events during the workshops.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Events like this would normally cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But if you are selected as one of our lucky participants, all you will need is your con badge and a willingness to learn from the pros.

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